Your oficce says a lot about yourself. It is your job to make it a comfortable and useful space where to work. Here we present to you a list of suggestions that will surely make all of your co-workers feel envy about how trendy your workplace is.

And our countdown starts with:

#10. Inkless Pen

Tired of having your pens constantly out of ink? Be no more. Unlike a pencil, this writing instrument never needs sharpening and it doesn't use any ink so it never needs to be refilled. It's always ready for writing!
This Pen can be used on most paper surfaces, at any temperature or in any weather condition


#9. Laptop Cart  

Do you want to use your laptop comfortably from anywhere in your office? The angle of the base can be adjusted so you can view your screen with ease. And best of all, you can move it around with you, which makes it an ideal companion during a presentation.
The tilting top surface allows you to view your laptop screen from any angle


#8. Cable Organizer Clip 

Would you like to prevent cables from falling off your desk and avoid unwanted tangled mess? These clips have strong adhesive tape on the back for sticking to furniture legs, walls and most textures. It also lets you keep all cables and plugs neatly organized and close at hand. 
Use them to organize desktop clutter, and also keep TV, DVD, PC and laptop cables neatly arranged!


#7. Penny Farthing Tape Dispenser

Make your office look more elegant! This tape dispenser includes a roll of sticky tape and makes such a cool bit of stationery. With the famous giant front wheel holding the tape, sticking stuff is no longer an uphill struggle.
You can now give your office desk a vintage look!


#6. VoIP Phone & Device

Does your office handle high call volumes? Then the VoIP Phone & Device may just be the ticket for you!
This enterprise IP phone has 12 line keys, and it has LCD color display  and HD audio! It features up to 48 digital, on-screen speed dial/blf keys to help users be more productive and efficient.
This enterprise IP phone can connect to up to four gxp2200 ext!!


#5. Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

What if you could adjust different levels of LED brightness with touch sensors?
You can easily make it brighter or dimmer all by a click of your finger! Enjoy a stable, flicker-free light, that protects your eyes from flashing and overly harsh light.
This desk lamp contains no harmful substances and fully meets your office safety requirements


#4. Battery Morphing Mug

Nothing is sadder than starting your day at the office on empty batteries... Fill up your cup and watch the battery go up as it gets hotter. The charming display of vitality also lets you know that your beverage is still hot. This great mug is both fun and useful!
As beverage cools, graphics change back to its original state


#3. Waterproof Roll-up Keyboard

Tired of broken keyboards every year? Just plug it and is ready to use! No driver required, compatible with all computer and laptop. A great addition for any office!
The flexible material allows you to fold it or roll up freely, and it's very comfortable for your fingers.


#2. Turbo Thermal Label Printer

Having a hard time sorting things around you? You can print addresses, file folders, name badges and more per minute! Also, its technology eliminates the need for expensive ink or toner.
The LabelWriter Turbo rapidly handles all of your labelling and filing needs and nimbly prints postage


#1. CX Graphing Calculator

Having trouble getting finance graphics and data for those pesky monthly reports?
Increase your productivity with the TI-Nspire CX Graphing Calculator. It will make you the master of equations!
Import digital images and overlay graphs and equations on them to see math at work in the physical world!


Do you agree with our lists? Share your thoughts on what other great ideas could be useful for offices, or tell us about your experience is with any of these clever useful things!

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